A few new cameras...

To some extent my camera buying obsession slowed for the last half of 2012.  Part if it has to do with filling up the bookcase where they all live and part of it was being really busy with a new job.
Recently, though, I seem to have been back in the camera finding habit, pushed (oh, yes, kicking and screaming) by my old friend from high school (Jim, please take a bow) who generously donated his Canon F1 to the stable.  He said that he'd rather have it be used than to sit unused in a closet.  I owe him a print...I have to take the photo first, of course.  While I haven't taken THAT photo, I've taken a few.

Canon F1 50mm f1.4 Ilford HP5+

Nikon D7000 microNikkor 55mm f2.8
Having a Canon FD mount camera in the house meant, of course, the search for a suitable Canon 50mm f1.4 was on, and this required heading back into the fray of swap meets, antique stores, camera stores and flea markets, along with the Pasadena Camera show, of course.  Finding myself surrounded by cameras, I was unable to resist and soon a few more found their way into my grubby hands.

Nikon F5 50mm f1.8D Ilford HP5+
First, a shot of step-siblings: My son Ian and my daughter Shea at one holiday or another at my mother-in-laws.  This was taken on Ilford HP5+ 400 speed black and white, one of my favorite fast films, with the first of the new cameras, a Nikon F5.

Nikon D7000 microNikkor 55mm f3.5
Pictured here with the 24-50 wide angle zoom, the F5 was the last of the big, professional Nikon film cameras.  Auto focus, auto exposure, auto wind, auto everything it is really the opposite of my normal camera proclivities but damn, what a nice camera.  I traded my Nikon FA and one of my Olympus OM2s bodies for it.

Next, although without an accompanying photo because I haven't developed either roll of film I have put through it yet, is a Rose Bowl flea market $8.00 find, a Contax RTSII with a Yashica 50mm f1.8 lens.

Nikon D7000 microNikkor 55mm f2.8
The RTS series of cameras were released as Contax cameras by Yashica in partnership with Zeiss.  The RTSII of 1982 is a much better camera than the RTS, having a titanium electronically controlled shutter and improved meter and display.  I really enjoy shooting with this camera which I bought not knowing if it worked or not, but realizing that for a 30 year old camera it was in great shape.  Usually the leatherette dissolves on these, but this one is good.  I really like the meter display design and the heft and smooth controls of this beauty.

There are a few other, more recent finds, but since I haven't yet posted them for camera porn, they'll just have to wait for another post.