I drive PCH to work nearly every day.  I've tried to take freeways and I always end up wondering why I did that.

This last week fall finally arrived here in L.A.  By this I mean that we had weather.  Honest to goodness clouds and a tiny bit of moisture falling from the sky here and there.  The view from the coast was pretty spectacular and I couldn't help but pull over and take some photos.  
As usual I took black and white film with the film camera o' the week this week, an Olympus OM1 and some digital with the digital camera that lives in my bag 98% of the time, the Panasonic G1.  

As usual, camera porn and tech babble follows the photos... (click on them and they get biggerer...)

 I took these photos with my Panasonic G1.

 The G1 is a micro4/3 camera.  The 4/3 system was developed by a consortium of camera companies: Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, Kodak, Leica, Sanyo and Sigma.  They came together in the early 2000s to define a standard lens mount and system philosophy for these small digital cameras.  The sensor is larger than a digicam sensor but not as large as a DSLR sensor which permits smaller cameras and lenses with great image quality.
The micro 4/3 system was developed by Panasonic to be a smaller, mirrorless system which would allow 4/3 lenses to be mounted with an adapter.  

The G1 was the first of these and has an electronic viewfinder, like that in a video camera.  It can mount a huge variety of lenses with simple, inexpensive adapters.  I can mount any of my Nikkors, Pentax m42 screw mount or Olympus OM lenses on it, in addition to the one micro 4/3 lens that I own, pictured above (and used to take those photos).  The Olympus made Zuiko 14-42 zoom is a small, light zoom with a range equivalent to a 28 to 84mm on a 35mm camera.  It is a pretty decent lens, particularly since I traded an OM2 body for it.