heavy metal

Malibu Pier : Nikon F2S 50mm f1.4 Fomopan 100 Classic
Another in my Malibu series of photos.  I took this early one morning this past spring as the clouds were on their way past.  As you can see from the shadows on the rocks there was bright sun off to the East and this storm was moving North.  I love clouds with character like this and the way that film has the dynamic range to work with these different levels of brightness.

I took this with a Nikon F2S:
Nikon F2 - 28mm f3.5  :   Nikon D7000 55mm f3.5 microNikkor
The Nikon F2 was first released in 1971 replacing the F.  It is all mechanical, except for the meter which is optionally built in to the interchangeable prism.  There was also a plain, unmetered prism which I frankly think is much prettier, but they were less common than metered prisms.  They are therefore much more desirable and hence expensive, now.  Like 300 bucks for the prism alone.  Not for me. 

There were many improvements from the F with this camera, such as a more rounded (and therefore more comfortable) body, battery compartment moved to the body from the prism, faster top shutter speed, swing open back (as opposed to removable), larger mirror, etc.  It is a beast, weighing about 37 pounds.  Well, maybe not that much, but it is quite a hunk of metal.

There were a bunch of prisms released over the years.  The DE-1, the pretty, unmetered prism makes it an F2.  The DP-1 (which is on my other F2) has a match needle meter and makes an F2 Photomic.  This meter is the DP-2 and has two LEDs inside which show over, just right and under exposure.  An F2 with DP-2 is called F2S.  There were also the DP-3, DP-11 and DP-12 which offered various improvements like silicon photodiodes, 5 LEDS, and for the latter two, compatibility with newer "AI" and "AIS" lenses.  I don't have those prisms though I'd like to.

My particular F2S came via EBay as a 'not working' parts camera and included a 35mm f2 lens which had 'fungus'.  Needless to say, it now works and the lens is fungus free and I got an F2 AND a super nice lens for under 40 bucks.