For my birthday this year I had the choice of going to one of two swap meet/flea markets.  The Pasedena City College flea market and the Ventura swap meet.  I chose Ventura, mostly because the drive is a bit shorter and the weather was probably going to be better.  Also influencing my choice was the possibility of going to Joe's Crab Shack and getting some crab legs for a late lunch/early dinner.

 There were a few cameras at the flea market.  It seems like people are figuring out that their old film cameras might have some value on the used market and therefore cameras are getting more and more expensive and rare at your typical flea market.  I saw a Nikon EM with a series E 50mm f1.8 on it, a Canon AE1 (chrome) with a 50mm f1.8 and a really badly beat up Pentax ME super with no lens.  None of those cameras appealed to me.  I have an EM (which I'll probably be getting rid of soon) and a couple of ME/ME Supers (which I'll also be getting rid of) and I have no Canons.  Had the AE1 been black...

Olympus XA2 Arista EDU 400
What I did manage to find at the flea market after I looked through about 150 booths was this tiny little Olympus XA2 with the matching A11 flash unit.  The camera appeared to be in good shape (and had a battery!) and I was very excited to put a roll of film in it right there in the parking lot and shoot some test shots.  Family and dogs, the cliche continues.

Nice little camera, this one is, once I got the hang of zone focusing.
Nikon D7000 55mm f3.5 microNikkor