time lapse

My office is in a peculiar part of town, as I've mentioned previously.    It is an area not quite urban, not quite suburban, not quite industrial.  Within a block or two on the actual street where my office is located are:

- a number strip clubs
- several auto repair facilities including a ferrari body shop and a rolls royce repair shop, both of which are very busy
- a pot clinic
- rehearsal studios
- several vets, dog boarding and animal rescue places
- an electronics recycling place
- an electrical distributing station (number 28)
- a variety of unspecified business anonymously doing business behind blank brick walls.

It is quite a neighborhood.  Just a block to the north is a building decorated in "schmaltz revival".  The front of the building is very fancy, with tile and columns and, much to my amusement, a pair of nudes:
Nikon FE2 Arista Premium 100

I have made it a common subject in my "lunch-time walk" photos: (please forgive the errant camera strap, always a hazard when shooting portrait)
Nikon FM Arista Premium 100

One day  a few months ago I was dismayed to find that the building was empty and that the statues were gone!
Olympus OM1 50mm f1.4 Arista Premium 100

Over the weeks that followed I carefully tracked the progress as they filled in the space with dirt, planted some plants...
Nikon F2 35mm f2 Fomopan 100 Classic

...and put a new top edge on.  Oh well, no more nudes.  At least not in front of this building.  A few doors down, however, is another thing entirely.   But that's a different blog entry.
Olympus OM1 50mm f1.4 Fomopan 100 Classic