winter, la

Olympus OM2S program Arista Premium 100
It has been a mild winter here in LA so far this year.  Just a few weeks ago on a Sunday in February I went for a bike ride with Shea.  We don't generally have SNOW here in the winter but sometimes it gets a bit chilly and it will occasionally rain, but not much this year.  I'm not complaining, mind you, I'm just saying. 

Olympus OM2S program Arista Premium 100

Totally clear skies over West Los Angeles.  Bright, sunny and warm.  I like it.  This building is on the corner opposite my office.  I look at it out my window all day long.  I forget what it says on the side.  Funny how that happens.

The Arista 100 speed film is really nice.  Crisp, smooth tones, almost no grain and cheap.  All good things.

Nikon D7000 55mm f3.5 microNikkor
This is my Olympus OM2S program.  I bought it from KEH "as-is" along with three others for somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 each.  I specifically bought these cameras because they have a film minder on the back and the backs are interchangeable with the OM1.  I like film minders.  When you have a bunch of cameras (which I suppose I do) it is convenient to put the box end from your film in the minder when you load it and that way, several weeks later, when you pull the camera out of the cabinet you know it has film, and what kind of film it has.  Anyway, it was cheaper to buy these broken cameras and swap the backs with my OM1s than to buy OM2 backs alone.  Ironically, I was actually able to get three of them working (grrrr).  I only put this one in my lineup, however, and left the others out in the camera gravebox sans backs, which now live on my OM1s.

The OM2 Spot/Program was the US version of this camera.  This one is the OM2S program, which was the "not US" version.  I suspect that means UK and Canada, but I'm not entirely sure.  Regardless, the only difference is the name on the right front body.

This camera has a variety of metering options, Manual/Spot, Auto and Program, together with a nice LCD meter in the viewfinder.   Unlike the OM4 where the meter is at the bottom of the frame (which I can't see because of my glasses) this one is on the left side.  Altogether a nice camera when I want some automation.   Light, small and capable, just like all the OM cameras.