Nikon F3 50mm f2 Kentmere 100
High noon on a summers day with a cloudless sky does not make for the best photos.  This one in particular has blown out highlights and is grainy as can be, particularly for 100 speed film.  I blame my old "pro" photo lab, which I no longer use.

Regardless, I like this photo.  In part it is because of the subject matter, an early '60s Jaguar e-type convertible.   A classic design that I love.  That and the Porsche 911 of the late '60s early 70's are two of the sports cars that I fantasized about as a child.  I recall, back in mists of time a visit to the house of a co-worker of my father.  He COLLECTED Jaguar e-types.  He didn't have one.  He had many.  At least five or so just sitting around.  I suspect he was single or well on the way to being so.  

There are others, of course.  The Ferrari 246, the Pantera, the Lamborghini Miura, the Shelby Cobra.  All from roughly same time frame, 1960 to about 1975.  Those 15 years were amazing for automotive design, in my humble opinion. 

Could it be because I was a kid then?  Certainly modern cars are better cars.  They just don't excite me in the same way.  I think there is something about being a ten year old boy watching cars.  They just seep into the consciousness.

By the way, that Jaguar was red.  Someday, perhaps.