progress continues

spunky on the bed - Nikon F3 50mm f2.0 Ilford HP5 400
The progress with Spunky's recovery continues.  We have a little sling that goes under her belly near her back legs that we can use to help her to walk.  This morning I took her outside for her morning pee and she quite convincingly walked with three of her legs.  Her left rear is still lagging behind but she was moving it with the correct motions, for the most part.  She can now stand up by herself, although she can't really stay standing without a little help, as she falls over to the side pretty quickly. 

This afternoon she actually took off at a run (which we're not supposed to allow... good luck with that) which was fairly coordinated.  I think I probably was the thing which brought that to a screeching halt as I couldn't keep up and the sling slowed her down.  She can really move that right leg almost normally now.

Later on, towards the evening, we had her on the bed and I was petting her.   She lifted her left rear leg up to her mouth so she could clean her foot.  This is really tremendous progress, given that on Wednesday she was completely paralyzed and on Thursday after the surgery she couldn't really move either back leg.

She's pretty amazing, that Spunky dog.