the last progress report...

Nikon D7000 micro-Nikkor 55mm f3.5 1/500th at f5.6
I've been a bit self-indulgent (well, it is MY blog, after all) with all of the Spunky the dog postings recently, but I suppose I've been a bit distracted from photography during her 
"convalescence".   This should be the last dog oriented post for a while, because she is doing really well.  I took this shot today in the back yard while she was looking very intently at a lizard on a post.  She is walking, albeit a bit drunkenly, but walking.  The doctor says that she'll get less wobbly as the weeks go on, and that we have another two to three weeks of "total rest" (not so easy for a little, active, dog) until she is free to resume her usual lifestyle.

I suppose that means two to three weeks until I can resume my normal lifestyle as well.  I have fourteen rolls of film awaiting developing and a box full of darkroom supplies just patiently sitting in the garage.  I promise to share once I've processed and scanned them.

I shot this with my next-to-newest toy, a beautiful manual focus 55mm f3.5 micro-Nikkor.  This is a macro lens but can also be used as an everyday lens if you are patient with your focusing.  Unlike, say the 28mm 2.8 series e which focuses from close to infinity in less than 90 degrees of rotation, this one goes from close (really really close) to infinity in almost 360 degrees.  Lots of turning.  It is SUPER sharp, though, and the out of focus areas render with a beautiful blur.  My sample came via the ebay, where it was incorrectly described as a 35mm lens by someone who said "I really don't know anything about cameras...".  These are always a little risky, because sometimes you get some badly beat up stuff.  In this case however, I lucked out and got a really nice lens that was just dirty.  The usual vinegar and q-tip treatment did it right up.

My latest toy is a series e 35mm f2.5.  I've lusted after this lens for a long time now, and found one that was "frozen" for around 12 bucks on ebay.  Sadly, this was a lens in very, very bad shape which required complete disassembly and some rather extreme "percussive maintenance", specifically,  I hit it with a hammer.  Really.   After I removed all the glass, of course.  The front elements had shifted in the focus ring (probably when the lens was dropped while mounted to a camera) and it needed to be whacked into place before I could unscrew it.  I carefully put wood on both front and rear and delicately smacked it with a hammer.  "pop".  From there it was another five hours of work or so to clean, relube and reassemble it. 

Good thing I don't charge myself by the hour.