a good day

spunky on the bed - Pentax 6x7 105mm f2.4 Tri-x 400

As I said in my last post, Spunky had back surgery on Wednesday to repair a number of disc problems, the worst of which was a herniated disc on the left side with a hemorrhage on the right side right at the base of her rib cage.  This had caused her to be paralyzed from the rib cage back.

We brought her home Friday and we've been doing the required physical therapy and making sure she is resting.  She's been able to support her weight wobbily if I get her legs under her but not walk or stand.  This afternoon we took a bowl of food in to her and she stood up on her own for the first time.  I'm also very encouraged that her right leg is getting more and more controlled all the time.  Her left leg is lagging behind, but that is to be expected.

I expect that with the proper care her progress will continue and I hope to be able to report in a week or so that she is walking without help.  I'll keep this blog updated with Spunky progress reports for the time being.

Thank you to all who offered encouragement and kind words over the last few difficult days.