time passes

This is my mother and my daughter.  Since my parents live in Portland, OR, they don't get to see us (and vice versa) very often.  Usually we can connect around the holidays, and that's when this was taken.  

I like this photo for more than the obvious reasons.  I think the light is great; soft diffuse, no harshness to it anywhere.  I like the pose and the fact that they are looking in different directions.  It is just imperfect enough to be interesting.  Also, this is a medium format negative, taken with my Pentax 6x7 and 105mm 2.4 lens on 120 tri-x 400 speed film.  Because of that it has really nice gradients and gorgeous greys, dense blacks and nice, crisp whites.  There aren't really any bright whites in this shot and I left it that way.  When I tried playing with the exposure it just made the textures get really coarse and harsh which I didn't like.

I've already described the Pentax 6x7 in previous posts so I won't comment too much about it.  Suffice to say I really like that camera, and I don't shoot it as often as I should.

Of course, that could be said of all of my cameras.