surf, california street, ventura. Jan. 2010

surfer, pentax *istDS, Tamron 70-300mm 1/4000 at f5.6
Winter surf off Ventura, CA.  These are not tall waves but there sure are a bunch of them, all piled up.  It was late in the afternoon when I took this shot, with the sun off to the left of the frame.  I like the way the light shines through the waves in the foreground, and I was lucky to frame it so you only see one surfer on the waves.  There were many others out there, to both sides.  This guy caught quite a few in the hour or so that I was there watching even though I think the best surfing at this particular spot is farther off to the right, on the north end of the beach where the coast actually turns a bit westward and the surf really stacks up.

Shooting into the sun, by the way, is not a good idea.  One of the reasons I did it on this day was to check out the purple fringing tendency of this lens.  The good news, unless you point it pretty close to right at the sun, it does ok.  If you really pixel peep on this photo you'll see a little but of the chromatic aberration around highlights, but it isn't unusable, unlike the Pentax 35-80 zoom that I took to this beach a few weeks earlier.  That one was pretty much worthless if you pointed it anywhere closer than 90 degrees from the sun, even with a shade.

Taken with the Pentax *istDS (don't try pronouncing that, you'll sprain something) with the Tamron 70-300mm AF lens, wide open at 5.6 and 1/4000th shutter speed.  I took a lot of photos with that camera in the six years that I had it.  Earlier this month I took it up to Portland and gave it to my Dad.   Too many cameras in my house (*gasp*), and I think he can use it.  He gave me quite a few cameras over the years, it was the least I could do.   He can expect a couple of care packages sent his way over the next month or so as I send him the other lenses and whatnot that go along with it. (including the sun-allergic 35-80).

Meanwhile, I'm still learning the Nikon D7000.  I'm looking forward to more winter beach time later this year...