permanent impermanence, May 2011

Nikon F, 50mm f2.0, Ilford HP5 plus 400
A couple of blocks from my office, across the freeway and down a slight hill there is a park.  Sometimes on my lunch I walk over there, camera on strap, and see what I see.  The park is normally completely empty, eerily so, during the school year on weekdays.  It was so on this day in May.  I had taken a couple of shots of the eery emptiness and started to walk out when I  spotted this carved into the side of a tree.

I'm pretty sure that the line through the heart is NOT a Cupid's arrow, rather, I think it means "it's over".  I found it ironic that somebody would make such a permanent sign, at least as long as the tree is alive, for what was clearly an impermanent situation.  Further, they found it necessary to amend their earlier statement when it became inaccurate.  People are funny.

I shot this with my 1961 vintage Nikon F with the Photomic meter finder.   That particular  early Nikon was featured in my second blog post in July, "nikon porn".   It all started with the finder which I found at a swap meet.  I noticed the distinctive shape upside down on a rug in one of the booths and picked it up, joyfully and fearfully realizing what it was and how much it was probably going to cost me.   Imagine my surprise when it was $4.00!  Of course, it didn't work, but a few hours at the workbench cleared that problem right up.  The Photomic finder is simply a finder that has a built in light meter, and this one was repairable.   Having a working finder, I needed a body to put it on, so I went to my favorite source for such things, KEH camera in Georgia.  I ordered an "as-is" body from them, only to be told a week later that they were out of stock.  I called them up and spoke with a very polite young lady and politely told her that I'd take whatever they had in the same price range, as long as it had a back.  Imagine my surprise when I received in the mail, for my $25.00 a fully functional, complete, 64 series body from the first year of production.  Yikes.  Combining all that together I threw in a roll of Ilford black and white and went for a stroll.  The results of that are what you see above.