north from malibu, june 2011

Another shot of the ocean, this one with a cloudy sky.  As you know, if you have read this blog for any length of time, those are two of my favorite things.  Sadly, this shot frustrates me.  As you also know if you've been reading, I am not happy with my lab.  This is a perfect example of why.   This was shot with a Nikon F3, 50mm f1.8 series e lens on Ilford HP4, a 125 speed film.  Nice camera, good lens, nice film.  I was fairly stopped down, so depth of field should not be an issue.  125 speed film is pretty slow, so this shot should have no grain.  It doesn't, though.  It has lots of grain.  Big, chunky grain, ruining my sky.

Sometimes I like grain.  Some shots call for grain.  It sets a certain mood.  That was not what I wanted in this shot.  Grr.  I wanted to contrast the textures here.  The rocky shore, the spikes of coastal vegetation, the rough surf, the smooth ocean and the lumpy sky.   Sadly, the finer textures are not visible.

I start processing my own film next month.  I'm stockpiling exposed rolls.  You can look forward to all sorts of additional technical details about chemicals, timing, temperature and agitation methods on top of camera and lens choices. 

Aren't you excited?