flip, summer 2011

Kids grow up.  They try things.  They do things that make us squirm just a little.  We want them to be confident people.  We want them to trust themselves and we want to trust them to make good choices.  That is what being a parent is all about, teaching these little people how to make the right decisions in the huge variety of situations that will present themselves once they are outside of our immediate vicinity.  That doesn't mean it is easy to watch.

Shea is a gymnast.  She can flip off a diving board into the pool with no problem.  She can flip on a trampoline.  She can do amazing things.  This does not make dad more comfortable.  I can't show this discomfort, however, because she needs that confidence.  So I cheer and take pictures and wince.  She does fine.  I do fine.

I shot this with a Nikon F3 that I bought at a camera show as 'not working'.  The camera would wind, the meter worked, but the shutter button wouldn't fire the camera.  There is a manual shutter release on the front of the F3 body which fires the shutter at 1/60 whether there is a battery or not, and when I tried that, the shutter fired.  I popped the back and watched the shutter, it looked fine.  I bought the camera for a very low price, thinking I could probably fix it.  As I left the camera show I remembered an F4 that I'd bought with a similar problem.  Now, the F4 is a very sophisticated camera; the jump from F3 to F4 was probably the largest technology leap between any of Nikon's professional bodies.  At the core, though, the F4 is mechanical.  This F4 that I'd bought was locked up, and unlocked when I put the mirror up using the lock up lever, fired the shutter, then let the mirror back down.  I tried that on the F3 and sure enough, it fired with the shutter button.  Fixed!  Of course, I took it home and cleaned it throughly, inside and out, but it is now a regular member of my camera rotation and works just fine.

Shot on Freestyle 400 speed black and white film.  I like this film.  For the price it is unbeatable.


  1. I remember this day.....i even remember the camera! And Shea tumbling fearlessly thru the air. Good times! :)


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