diner, twice

diner, Nikon F3P, 50mm f1.8 series e, Kodak BW400CN 

I took these two photos while inside a diner sitting at the counter on different days using different cameras, different lenses of different focal lengths and different film stocks.   Not surprisingly, they look different.

I also must admit that the second photo is cropped from the original.  I removed things on the right side that distracted from the stainless steel.  I took the second photo first and I'd cropped it before I took the second photo.  It is possible that the crop job made me think about framing the second shot differently, but I don't know.

I like the way the same scene in the same light (both at around 10am) looks very different on the different film.  I expected the focal length difference to be visible, but I suspect the camera makes almost no difference.

diner, Pentax K1000, smc 28mm f2.8, tri-x 400
I've been pondering the idea of other multi-photo, more long term projects.  There's an overpass near my office that I've been using to shoot a particular view of the 101 freeway.  I've shot probably 20 different versions of that in 35mm, and at least 7 frames of (as yet undeveloped) 120mm.  I have been thinking of combining them together in photoshop somehow... I'll post the results if I ever actually get around to doing it.

I also just now discovered the 'caption' function that has been staring me in the face the whole time on blogger.  I'm a little slow.  I used it for these, I think I'll use it in the future as well for that technical info.