Who doesn't remember swinging on a swing?  That feeling of freedom and joy.  The weightless tummy sinking feeling at the top of each swing.  That 'whoosh' of speed as you come through the bottom of the arc.  And jumping off...  I hope she doesn't learn that too soon.

I take my youngest daughter to the park from time to time.  Of course she wants to be pushed on the swing, so I do.  Eventually, though, I pull back and try to take photos.  This is not what I'd call a great technical photo, but I love it for the feeling that it evokes.  I love the tones, the colors, the out of focusness that reminds me of the summers of my youth.   There's motion here, a dynamic.  I also remember how as a child I only focused on what was right now, living in the moment, no cares, no worries.  Only the immediate was in focus. These are the things I feel when I look at this photo.  It makes me happy.

I took this with my Pentax *ist DS with a screw mount 50mm f1.4 with an adapter on it.  I opened the lens all the way up and tried to focus on where she was going to be when she briefly stopped at the top of her swing.  I managed to get her elbow in focus here, but it doesn't matter.  The blur was inevitable, and what smooth, creamy blur it is.  That Pentax fast 50 is really worth what they sell for.  The DS was working really hard here too, at noon, 1.4 lens opened up all the way.  The shutter speed was 1/4000 with iso at 200, the lowest it will go.  Lots of light on a summer day.

I wish I could live more like a child on a swing every day.