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I take pictures of things. Mostly with film. Mostly with cameras. I am an engineer by trade. What really makes me happy, though, is to find an old camera at a swap meet or antique store and bring it back into working order with a few hours at the workbench. I then like to take them out and shoot some film. This blog is in large part the result of that activity.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Simi Valley Car Show

We went to a car show a while back.  I took the Yashica-mat LM.  I bought this camera super cheap because it was pretty dirty and the meter didn't work.  As it turns out, the meter DOES work; someone had glued a piece of flat plastic over it and the needle was stuck against it.  I cut a section out of an old filter case and replaced the flat plastic with it.  Ugly, but it works.  Someday perhaps I'll come up with a more elegant solution but for now... meh.

Yashica-mat LM - Nikon D7000 microNikkor 55mm f3.5

The Yashica-mat is a Twin Lens Reflex camera where the viewfinder is on the top.  The image from the top lens is reflected up through the focus screen with a 45 degree fixed mirror.  The film is behind the bottom lens.  Both lenses move in and out together when the focus knob is turned.  It works very well but things are reversed left and right in the finder so framing is a tiny bit challenging.  Also, since the lens is fixed and a near normal 80mm the view in close quarters is tight.  I like the way it works for cars, however, since it allows me to shoot tight framed details which I prefer anyway.  The f3.5 lens is super sharp on the large 6cm square negatives.

A few shots from the show:

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