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I take pictures of things. Mostly with film. Mostly with cameras. I am an engineer by trade. What really makes me happy, though, is to find an old camera at a swap meet or antique store and bring it back into working order with a few hours at the workbench. I then like to take them out and shoot some film. This blog is in large part the result of that activity.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Long Beach

I went today with Johnny Murphy to Long Beach and the So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet.  There were quite a few bikes parked in the lot next to the swap meet.  I spent quite a bit of the day wandering in amongst them and took photos of the ones I liked.

I took my Nikon D7000 with an 18-55 vr zoom lens which is handicapped by not having an aperture mechanism.  Notice I didn't say that it was broken, I said it doesn't have one.  I bought the lens (actually, I'm pretty sure I traded something for it) at the Pasadena Camera Show a few years ago and noticed that it behaved a bit oddly.  Opening it up I was astonished to discover that it had no aperture blades at all!  I disassembled it completely and it sat for two years in my junk box.  Yesterday I decided to see if I could get it back together (minus the empty aperture assembly) and, after a few fits and starts, I did, so I tossed it in the bag (along with my OM1, the photos from which are yet to be developed) and took it along.

My thanks to Johnny for driving,  Advil and the company and conversation.

The bikes (in no particular order...)

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