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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

where have the years gone?

Nikon F100 35-70 zoom Arista Premium 100

A few weeks ago I drove through my old neighborhood.  I took a few photos of places that were important to me one way or another.  Above, my old school, where I went to kindergarten, first, second and sixth grades.  My sixth grade class is just off to the right there, inside the gate.  It occured to me as I put this image here that I first attended that school 41 years ago.  Holy Cow.

Nikon F100 35-70 zoom Arista Premium 100

My childhood home.  It looks really different now.  That fence, all those trees, the carport, the stamped concrete driveway, these are all new.  Oh, yeah, the Prius, too.  We moved out of that house in 1978, so I suppose all things considered it isn't any more different than I am.

Nikon F100 35-70 zoom Arista Premium 100

The Wienerschnitzel.  On a good weekend my Dad and I would stop here and get a hot dog and a root beer before we went on our way to Van Nuys Airport or Whiteman Airpark .  We'd then spend a few hours looking at airplanes.  The roof is yellow now, not red, but the hot dogs taste the same.

These places are not mine, alone, but the memories of them are.  I feel very fortunate to have had a happy childhood and to be able to go back and re-visit these places as an adult and to feel a tiny bit of that happiness again by way of those memories.

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