Chevrolet : Yashica Mat 124 G - Kodak Tri-X

I took this with a Yashicamat borrowed from my friend and photographic mentor and critic (in all the good ways) Joel (thanks, Joel).  The Yashicamat is a Twin Lens Reflex camera, where there is a viewing lens (that you look through) and a taking lens (that the film is behind) on the front of the camera.  Shooting with a TLR is a significantly different experience from any other camera.  The finder is on top and you look down into it.  The image is reversed right and left so moving around to frame takes a little thinking.  All of the controls are in unfamiliar places.  There are some advantages to that awkwardness, however, and I enjoyed wrestling with it.   I took some images from perspectives that I'm sure I wouldn't have with an SLR.
Yashica Mat 124 G

For quite a while Joel had been telling me that once I started working with medium format negatives I would quickly tire of 35mm.  On the one hand, he is right.  These negatives are huge.  The ones I shot with the Yashicamat are SHARP too.  The blacks are BLACK.  Dense, beautiful black.  This particular photo shows that clearly.  After I scanned these negatives I went out and bought a broken Pentax 6x7 to play with.  I opened it up, cleaned it and got it working and now I enjoy taking it out and startling the local fora with it.  When a Pentax 67 goes off it sounds like a .22 pistol shot.  It is not a subtle camera.

On the other hand, I haven't tired of my "little cameras" yet.  I suppose I'll have to keep shooting both.

Oh, and I think I need to get a TLR, too so I can be awkward and clumsy some more.  I got some good photos that way.